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SIZE: 297*420*15mm
MEDIA: printmaking, fabric,prismacolor

There is also communication between objects and themselves. In
my work, I present the idea of "communication" through mutual
eye contact and interaction between historical collections and
modern viewers. This series of inspiration comes from the fact
that the paint in two different pictures in sketchbook falls off and
is printed on the other one, which is like the communication
between these pictures. The principle of engraving is the same. I
use monoprint as the manuscript to leave texture and indentation
on the picture. In the process of trying, I found that conformality
and negativity could pull the rhythm of the picture, just like light
and shadow. The final result is presented in the form of a two-
faced ipsilateral flipbook, adding stereoscopic light and shadow
effect that better enables the audience to interact. History is also
like a shadow, and every modern audience communicating with
history will become a shadow of the future.

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